Audits & Collections

Our Expertise

Sebastian, with Sebastian's Tax Service, specializes in client representation for Collection and Audit situations. Whenever a client interfaces with the Internal Revenue Service for Collection or Audit purposes the client is confronted with a new set of regulations and procedures that most clients never encounter. It is essential for the client to be represented in these situations by competent counsel, a qualified client representation consultant. Enrolled Agents (EAs) are one of only three professionals designated by the U. S. Department of Treasury to manage situations requiring client representation before the IRS. Of these three designations, only EAs are directly licensed by the Department of Treasury and specially trained to act as consultants in Collection and Audit matters. In addition, EAs can perform the same functions in any state in the nation.


Audit or "Examination", as it is commonly referred, is the process of reviewing the source documents or client records from which the information that is reported on the income tax return is derived. An expert in audit situations, Sebastian studies the current laws, regulations, and policy procedures to ensure that the source documents, and the income and expenses contained therein will be accepted by the Revenue Agent or Examiner. It's not always 100% in the client's favor, but without proper representation, the IRS will always win.


In many cases, the IRS is sending letters to clients because they owe money. There many options that a client may have, but it's important to know what those options are and which ones are the best for the client. It also is important that the client knows what his or her rights are and what procedures the IRS must follow. Most importantly, never wait or hide from the IRS. The earlier you begin to deal with collections, the more rights you have!

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