Sebastian Herrera

Sebastian Herrera

Enrolled Agent

I graduated from Rio Hondo College Whittier, CA with a two year (AA) Associates Degree in Business Administration in 1983, and received a football scholarship to University of Iowa. I earned a (BBA) Bachelors of Business Administration in 1987 with emphasis in advanced studies in (BAIS) Business Analytics and Information Systems, to use advanced mathematical and computation techniques to solve business problems.

In 1987- "Beginning with a general review of business management practices, progressing through transportation and supply chain management, and on to a comprehensive study of international logistics, I learned what I needed to know. It was a matter of translating an existing skill set and expanding my understanding into a viable credential that could be used to prove my knowledge." I also possessed a Class A license with all endorsements, as well as a Home Land security clearance.

I am an Enrolled Agent (EA). I’ve earned the privilege to represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service. I'm also a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents, California Society of Enrolled Agents, and the Orange County Society of Enrolled Agents, as well as the Public Information and Awareness Chairmen for the Orange County Chapter. I am currently working on my Fellowship through the National Tax Practice Institute with emphasis in all levels of representation, and practice before the IRS.

I specialize in taxation for individuals, small businesses and the trucking industry- Including all levels of IRS representation. My goal is to provide the most professional, responsive, and proactive service for my clients. My approach involves tax consultation, financial planning throughout the year to minimize their tax liability. Unlike other firms- I work directly with my clients as I prepare the tax return while a computer screen is directed towards them. When completed, I explain, and advise the return, so they're educated and informed of tax laws, tax strategies, and tax changes that will affect their financial goal. Additionally, I work with my business clients in a taxation advisory capacity to help them make financially sound choices, and run their businesses efficiently.