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Sebastian Herrera,EA specializes in complete income tax preparation for owner operators, company truck drivers and anyone who is affiliated with the trucking industry. Because one of his specialtys is trucking, Sebastian's Tax Service is ready to take care of your questions and tax needs while you keep driving! His Trucker Tax “services the truck driving community with a fast and secure method for filing taxes while you are on the road. Sebastian's Tax Service provides annual tax preparation, including electronic filing and direct deposit of refunds. Our goal is to provide the most convenient method of filing taxes for drivers who have difficulty in arranging quality time with a tax preparer.

Sebastian at Sebastian's Tax Service, has helped owner operators, company drivers, small emerging trucking companies and large LLC’S with their Tax problems and preparation. Besides his dedication to the truck driving industry, Sebastian Herrera has had 23 years in the trucking industry as a driver and manager, and realizes the importance of providing Trucker Tax preparation to the trucking industry. He understands knowing hands-on, unlike the others,he is able to prepare Trucker Taxes in all 50 states bacause of his designation as an Enrolled Agent. 

Taxes are complex; Trucking is a very specialized industry- Can your tax preparer combine the two?

Does your current tax preparer know what a lumper is?  Do they know what the IRS standard meal (Per-diem) allowance is and how to calculate it? Or what a settlement report is ? Your preparer may be familar with taxes, but how familiar are they with the specialized industry of trucking? 

Solutions for Owner and Lease Operators

Whether you have all of your expenses totaled, have an overwhelming mountain of receipts, or just want to know how to better manage your tax liability and business- Sebastian's Tax Service offers solutions for every kind of operator.  You can be confident in Sebastian's professional service and knowledge of the trucking industry.

Solutions for Company Drivers

Company driver tax returns are no less complicated than owner or lease operators.  Complicated tax codes as well as trucking industry specific tax legislation applies to company driver tax returns.  Most tax preparers are unaware of these more obscure parts of the tax code.  Sebastian has studied the tax code as it applies to truckers and he is continually monitoring the changes that affect your tax return!

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